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Welcome to Red Shed Preschool!

Welcome to Red Shed Preschool! We are very fortunate that you chose Red Shed Preschool as the first step in your child’s educational path. We are a privately owned preschool that offers multi-age classroom programs (ages 3-5) in the mornings and afternoons, four days a week. We follow the Roscoe/Rockton school calendar. We are centrally located in Roscoe/Rockton and set in a spacious one-room building. We are certified teachers with over 15 years experience. As mothers of young children, we understand the importance of finding a quality early childhood educational program that offers the whole package and we carefully designed ours with this in mind.


At Red Shed Preschool, we are committed to helping our students reach their highest developmental, social and academic potential in fun and exciting ways. We offer a play-based curriculum along with teacher directed activities where we meet and exceed the Illinois Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education. We encourage exploration throughout our art, house, reading/listening, writing, technology, drama, math/blocks, and science centers where we “play with a purpose”. Our curriculum objectives are quietly tucked away in amazing, hands-on adventures each day. Literacy and writing play a vital role in our program where we help develop emergent readers and writers at the appropriate developmental levels. We provide a stimulating, literature rich environment with a forever-learning atmosphere. Our Character Education program helps build the foundation in making our children be the best little person they can be! We also have a strong belief in experiential learning. Instead of seeing a picture of a sprout in a science lesson, we dig in and get our hands dirty by planting, growing and observing the sprouts ourselves.


We are honored you chose Red Shed Preschool and you have our guarantee that your child will be treated as one of our own. We look forward to the relationships and connections that the school year will bring.  Our Shed door is always open and we encourage you to become actively involved in your child’s education.  We look forward to “Planting Seeds of Knowledge” in the upcoming school year!




Ms. Mandy & Ms. Amy




*Certified teachers with over 14 years experience (trained in CPR/first aid)


*Meet/Exceed the Illinois Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education


*Reading Specialist


*Character Education


*Literacy/Writing programs & Journals


*Meet the needs of each individual child


*Technology including iPads


*Themed art projects


*Experiential Learning (hands-on)


*Creative Free Choice Play Centers


*Family events/Programs


*Spacious One Room Building


*Fenced in playground


*On-site Field Trip experiences


*Great Location!




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13535 Metric Rd. • Roscoe, IL 61073 • Centrally located off 251 and Rockton Rd